Thursday, August 2, 2012

 We are undervalued by society

• We are often burdened by family responsibilities

• We have the lowest rates of suicide

• We have the highest rates of depression, diabetes, heart disease, HIV, and obesity

• Many of us believe DEPRESSION is a necessary condition of life

• We believe depression must be endured

We tend to rely on our family, the community, and our church during periods of emotional stress

• We seek mental health care less than white women

• When we do seek it, it is later in life and at the later stages of our illness


• We don’t see depression as a disease

• We don’t seek help because of the stigma attached to it

• We view being depressed and seeking therapy as being weak

• We don’t talk about our depression, because we don’t want to be vulnerable and thought of as crazy.

• We are more likely to seek church and prayer rather than therapy

• Single white women and black women are more susceptible in living in poverty than white men

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