Monday, September 29, 2008

Essences of Flowers

Years ago, back in the early 80’s, an actor walked into the office where I was working. At that time I was a Sub-Agent – an assistant to an Entertainment Agent. I must have looked depressed because he said as much. He opened his bag and pulled out a glass vial with a stopper and told me to stick out my tongue. I did as asked, don’t ask me why. He put of couple of drops of liquid on my tongue and informed me that I would feel better very soon. And, surprisingly I did. I asked him what he gave me and he answered, "Bach Flower Essences."I had heard of Bach, being into herbs and all, but had never tried them. Many years later, I re-discovered Bach Remedies while researching natural solutions for depression. I’m sorry that I didn’t take heed from that gentleman many years ago. I certainly could have used these natural medicines that are used to balance negative mental stress and emotions a long time ago. English physician and homeopath, Edward Bach, developed the essences in the 1930’s, to remedy emotional and spiritual conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Bach believed that illness was a result of the contradictions between the purposes of the soul and the personality’s point of view – which can lead to negative moods and blocking of energy - which can cause disharmony in the mind, and eventually physical ailments. He developed 38 remedies with each directed at a specific emotional state. You can combine the essences and the way to do it is shown on their websites. Rescue Remedy is one of the most popular of the essences, because of its combinations of flowers and its fast action on stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and emergency situations. Some of the remedies for Depression are:
Gentian – when we feel like giving up
Gorse – when we feel like things will not improve
Sweet Chestnut – for deep despair
Mustard – when one is unhappy, feeling gloomy, and depressed for no reason
Willow - for self-pity and resentment


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